Hi. My name is Vince and I'm a custom clothier. I founded a men's clothing store 14 years ago, closed our six stores recently to eliminate all overhead, and now focus exclusively on custom clothing. My background is somewhat unique in that I had been a partner in two of the largest CPA firms in the country/world and CEO of several mid-sized companies before entering the world of fashion!

As the economy tightens, how can you add a new twist to your
Vince rua custom clothier
fund raising? Is there a way to generate donations from people for purchases they would otherwise make?

If you are involved with college fund raising, I would be interested in your reaction to the following model. I will partner with one of the larger clothing stores in your college's hometown and at the larger sporting events of your college, would measure your alumni for all their clothing needs. We would then fulfill their needs and they would pick up their clothing at the local store. 10% of every dollar spent would go to your college's desired fund. If one were to assume the minimum an alumni spends on clothing annually is $2,000, you can do the math. Keep in mind that many alumni might prefer a custom suit that might retail for $1,000-5,000. To this one would add custom shirts, ties, shoes, overcoats, etc.

The program could be rolled out to include students and educational staff.

Direct mailing to your alumni/donor lists would provide additional opportunities to build a strong and loyal annuity of fund raising every year.

If you are involved with college fund raising, I would be very interested in your reaction to this concept.

Thanks in advance.

Vince Rua