Here are some ideas for fundraisers. The list, hopefully, will reach fifty. Please add your ideas to this page!


  1. Bake Sale - It's a classic idea, makes money, and is great for promoting different types of food.
  2. x-a-thons - Classic as well. Very versatile and flexible. Types differ from Walk-a-thons to Jump-a-thons.
  3. Garage Sales - Have everyone in your group get together their old stuff and put it up for sale! Make sure to advertise.
  4. Golf Outing - Fun and outside, brings in lots of money, but turns away those who do not golf.
  5. Car Wash - Fun for kids, normally happens in the summer, but spring is also a good time for those living in areas where it snows.
  6. Coffee morning - or tea party etc. Can be used to introduce/promote your cause and recruit supporters as well as raise a little money.
  7. Collection boxes - or smartie tubes. People keep these at home and put their small change in, to be collected every few months.
  8. Auction - get people to donate items, or offer services based on their skills/interests, eg guided nature tour, cordon bleu dinner for two, 4 hrs gardening etc.